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Are you “giving to get” while you look for a new career opportunity? 

 -You may want to rethink this mindset!


“What you give with an open heat is what returns” – Jim Fortin

 Ayni is an ancient concept that Jim Fortin referred to in one of his latest podcasts. It’s also known as the reciprocity of life.  The basic principle behind this is what you give with an open heart returns.  I have been living this way for a long time now and truly believe this from the bottom of my heart.

 I believe in this so much that it is a huge part of the inner work we do when I work with my clients during their career advancement/ job search journey.  Most people have the “giving to get” attitude in most of their life and unfortunately, they bring the same concept when they are looking for a new opportunity.

 Let me ask you this: how many times have you gone into a networking event with the mindset of  “what will I  get out of this ?”, ” Who will I meet there that will give me a job?” Or,  connect you with the right person? How many business cards will you obtain and measure your success by the pile you have accumulated at the end of the event? Or, I’m going to connect this person with that person and when I need help I’ll call in my favour? After all, they now “owe” you right?

 This is the wrong way to approach things for so many reasons. Let me just quickly lay it out for you.

  •  On an energetic level people can sense when you’re only there or doing something because you’re after something in return. From a whole energy perspective, you’re doing yourself such a disservice. It actually leaves a bad taste in their month and in remembering your essence. Have you ever left a conversation with someone and felt they only connected with you because they wanted something?  I am sure you left feeling unsettled and used? That’s the bad taste I’m referring to.
  •  There’s such thing as good Karma and by attaching an expectation out of your giving -giving with a condition and not fully giving from the heart with absolutely no attachment; it’s no longer clean energy. This shifts the whole karmic law and outcome. I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck don’t want to mess with that!
  •  You’re not showing up as your authentic self, focused on how passionate you are about your life purpose and just being you in the moment. You’re missing out on an opportunity to shine your light and truly have the chance to come from your heart and integrity and make a difference in someone’s life – because that is what you want to do. Just by being you and serving others no strings attached. By letting others truly feel your passion because the giving is heart centered – you ARE in your essence and the person you are serving will FEEL that and attach that to who you are.

 Imagine if you constantly showed up that way? If you lived this daily?! Wow! Wouldn’t the universe open up to you and naturally align you with the perfect role you’re after? 

 This my friend is the secret to many of the elements involved in looking for a new opportunity. Be heart centered. Show up with purpose. Know your gifts & superpowers – share them and your essence because that is your driving force behind why you do what you do. Let others FEEL and SEE who you truly are without attachment to the outcome. NOT because you are expecting something in return.

 When we give from a place of heart and passion for our superpowers and gifts, we shine our light so bright that those with whom we share it with are affected in such a positive way. This leaves them feeling important, special and like they matter.  This will lead them to want to continue to connect with you and your relationship with them will evolve to one that can be mutually beneficial when and if the time is right.  

Here are 3 tips for changing your mindset from “giving to get” to giving with an open heart with no attachments to what you will receive in return.

 #1. Know your JOY. Once you truly understand what lights you up, what your superpowers are, what your ignition is, you will want to talk about it and share it freely with EVERYONE. You get so cozy and proud with your magic that it becomes a deeply rooted purpose to spread it out in the word. 

Here’s the thing about this. Have you ever had a conversation with someone that is so passionate about what they are sharing that they actually light up? You can FEEL their excitement and passion, it’s almost contagious. Their essence lingers on you and you remember them right?  YES – it can be that simple

 #2. Be authentic and in your integrity ALWAYS.  Once you tap into what that truly means for you (in life & in your career advancement/job search journey) and you live it daily – you won’t even have to think about whether you have ulterior motives and are giving with attachment.  It will be a part of who you ARE. You will always genuinely be giving and of service.

#3. Be of service. Be present. Listen. Your new attitude when going into a situation should be as follows: If this person/situation is in alignment with my purpose, how can I make a positive impact for this person and be of service?  You do a flip. Instead of coming from a place of taking (how can they serve me) you come from a place of giving ( how can I enhance this situation). 

 Now, clearly this has to be in context and in the right situation. I am also not suggesting you push your opinions, help, services..etc on everyone you meet. You must respect boundaries. The point is, the next time you find yourself with the mindset of “giving to get” or “What can THEY do for me” pause and try giving something from the heart without any expectations of receiving something in return. 

 Okay, and as a bonus here is  #4. Ask yourself what do you want to be remembered for. This should shift everything for you and get you back on track.

I assure you that before long the energy will shift and you’ll see how you’re leaving your mark in the world. Naturally what will follow is an abundance of opportunities for you in many ways.

If you truly want to move forward in life and be all that you can be – show up with an open heart, be of service with no expectations and shine your light. The rest will take care of itself. After all it’s kinda a universal law.


 I hope I’ve been able to shift your perception with how you can change your mindset during your career advancement/job search journey. There are many other ways you can incorporate this principle on your Linkedin profile, doing your employer research and in an interview just to name a few.  Sign up for the Soul Whispers Career and Life insights if you want to hear how!


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