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And on Sunday she rested…..who am I kidding !?!?  I feel like running a marathon right now, and by no means do I mean physically!

I want to run a marathon of deep connection, heart bursting open support and holding space for individuals who are hearing the whispers of their soul crying out for something more.

I want this now more than ever.

Why? Because I know it’s possible. I just did it.

I did it! I actually did it!

I had a vision, a dream, a want, a need, A DESIRE, a longing of the heart and just over 6 months ago I started a journey to make it happen. I dove right in, all alone, my frightened little girl was tugging at my shirt, trying to pull me back, stating what the heck are you doing?!?! This is not safe…this is not what NATALIE would do?!?! What career coach quits her job in a recession to follow her dreams…??

Well, one that knew she needed more, one that was oh so tired of being held back by not being able to fully server her clients. One that knew to her very core that she is destined for more. One that, 5 years ago went through life-altering changes that shook her world UPSIDE RIGHT (at the time she felt her world was falling apart), and unbeknownst to her, started her journey of BECOMING.

Becoming who she truly is, who she deserves to be and most of all who she DESIRES to be.

That woman stood before beautiful souls yesterday and her heart burst open with the realization that she is actually DOING it!

To hear others openly share the experience they just had because of something you envisioned, put together, manifested and devoted your energy to is by far some of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

This to me is what life is about. Connection.

Yesterday, was extra special.

It was sacred. It was divinely blissful, it was love, it was compassionate. IT WAS REAL.

There was a moment yesterday when I was an observer. I was out of my body, looking down from above and witnessing the moment from afar.

The love I felt, the awareness, and the fullness of my heart was so intense and real.

It was bigger than me, it was universal….COSMIC. It was a huge moment of truth. It will forever be a moment signifying a new chapter in my life, a gift of reassurance that I am walking my truth.

It will be a moment that will be the driving force behind me for a long long time.

So yes, I want to run a marathon. A marathon of heart-centered connection, unconditional love, unwavering support with uplifting life-changing goodness.

The most amazing part is that I have been blessed with having the most beautiful souls come into my life to help support, co-create and cheer me on. These souls are my angels, and I am beyond grateful to be alongside them. My team/tribe is yours.

Today, my little girl has chosen to play a different role. She chooses to cheer me on. In fact, you may see her on the sidelines holding the biggest sign  “I believe in you. Always”.

Come and join us on this marathon journey. If you are unsure at first no need to worry, my little girl will hold your hand. 🙂 You are always fully supported 😊




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