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I see you….

I see your strength and courage,
your hesitation and fears.
I see the way you love others, and
struggle to love yourself.
I see how hard you work to grow,
and your dedication to heal.
I see your vulnerable humanity,
and your transcendent divinity.
I see you,
I love what I see.

I see you,

I hold you in my heart,
I honour your journey.

I found this poem today in a series of emails from my Ayahuasca brothers and sisters. Souls that I journeyed with this past spring and I felt the need to share it.

21 beautiful strangers (but oh so so not), that united together and embarked on one of the most transformational journeys of their life. For some of us it was our first dance with Aya, and for others, it was their 2nd, 4th, 30th or even over their 100th time. The beauty was, the number of times you had journeyed with Aya did not matter in the least. In that sacred space, the small community we formed together, in those healing circles we were all the same.  We were one. All united in our vulnerability, our pain, our love and our desire to heal and experience something so profound and beyond anything you could imagine.

The poem above just takes me back to those precious moments where we honoured each and every one of those 21 brothers and sisters exactly where they were on their journey. We held space for them and we SAW THEM for all that they are. All their pain, suffering, endurance, vulnerability, fears as they shared they deepest darkest moments, their confusion, frustration and for some of them, we transparently saw the next step they wanted to take was to leave this earth. Those moments of darkness ripped my heart out of my body no word of a lie…21 times and then 21 times again as we shared later that day or the next day and the next.

Then, the light came along and overpowered this experience.

This is the pure miraculous beauty that was made so clear to me during those 5 life-changing days. Through the pain, vulnerability and despair, as we held each other in those moments, we also witnessed courage, strength,  pure loving hearts. I witnessed the need for unconditional love, acceptance and belonging. The need to know that we are not alone. It was through those darkest hours of reliving the pain, by being open and accepting of the love we oh so divinely deserve, the darkness was transmuted to love. The Love I experienced on that journey, both during ceremonies (with plant medicine) and just as equally during our healing/ integration circles is one of the most powerful and profound things in the world for me.

She (Ayahuasca) gave me a renewed belief in how it all works, she gave me faith in the journeys we are all here to walk out, she also taught me how to honour each and every person exactly where they are at and to see the wisdom, opportunity and trust in what they are going through. Trust that there is ALWAYS LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS and that we have the ability to go to our hearts and find that spark of love that will set us free. That’s just the beginning of what she shared with me.

For me personally, this is one of my biggest lessons and the thing I need to constantly keep working on.  I naturally, want to fix and make everyone better. I understand now that’s not my place. Ultimately we all heal ourselves.

So yes,…

I see you, I hold you in my heart and I honour your journey….

Always. xo


It’s funny, I had anticipated that I would have shared more of my experiences with Aya before now. For some reason, it was not time. I am now sharing as I feel her calling me again and I also feel that there are others out there right now that are hearing her whispers as well. I will be sharing more of my journey with Aya. Take it or leave it, reach out if you are wanting to know more, just know that when I write it is for me and this is what I personally experienced. Everyone’s journey is different.


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