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Imagine a world where women can tap into the deepest most truest parts of themselves & live it daily.

A world, where we come from a place of joy, self love, confidence, authenticity, creativity & passion. An essence that we are so tapped into, that NO ONE can take it away from us.

An essence that is pure magic, it pulses through our being, and we immediately recognize when we are in a situation that is no longer in alignment with who we are. The moment it is no longer serving us, we have the awareness & strength to see it, feel it and take the necessary actions to re-route, re-direct, and leave it behind. We won’t put up with anything dragging us down, degrading our vibration and holding us back. We wont – because we know deep within us that we are worthy & destined to align with what truly serves us.

 In this world of ours, we are in touch with the deepest sense of what we want, what we need and a knowing that we will achieve it.


Tapping into your truest parts of yourself (your tigress energy) is having the deepest soul & heart clarity, wisdom & energy to truly soar into your greatness. Ultimately, we have the power to create the life we want to live. Daily, weekly…for the rest of our lives.

Yes – this is ALL yours….and you already have it within you. All you need to do is access it.

It’s waiting for you my dear, it’s longing for you to rediscover it.

It is READY to be ignited once again. 

My blog, the Live your Desires Facebook Group community and any of the work I do, is my soul work to help you step into this essence. It’s a desire that burns so deep within my soul, an urge that fuels my fire in such a way that the excitement keeps me up at night thinking of all the ways I want to share with you.

Here is why – because you have a choice! A choice to create the life you want to live. You have an opportunity to tap into this greatness of yours and make positive changes to be in charge of your destiny.

The reason why this is so important to me, is because I didn’t know. Didn’t know I had a choice, didn’t know I had greatness inside me, didn’t know or believe I was deserving. Not one person told me. There was no light in my life and I wish there would have been.


It took my world turning upside down and crashing down (later I realized the walls were crumbling to set me free), it took immense pain and suffering, loosing what I thought was my world for me to start to realize and see the truth. The truth of who I am, what I want and what greatness lies ahead of me. Those years of anguish were the worst of my life, and yet they led to years of growth, discovery, exploration and empowerment. They led me into tapping into my tigress energy, to my truth and to who I am today.

I want to spare you hardship, I want to be that person I wish I would have had by my side. I want to help you tap into your greatness to pull you out of the vortex you may find yourself in, the funk you can’t seem to get out of, the never ending cycle of coasting and not LIVING!

I want to invite you into that world I described above, the world of tapping into your tigress energy and infusing it in every aspect of your life. A world where you get to create how you want to live and feel daily. A world where you are in charge of your destiny and get to live your desires.

So, if that sounds like something you would like – come and join me on the journey as I’ll be sharing my experiences, my thoughts, my tools and my heart to help you get there! Come and join me by liking my Facebook page, joining the Live your Desires Facebook group and sign up for my Soul Whispers delivered straight to your inbox!

I’ll see you on the wild side.

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