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“Because I want to serve you better. I want to go deeper and start at the root of the issues. I want to set you up for success”.

This was my answer when I was asked why I left my career coaching job within an organization and branched out on my own.

While doing the “traditional ” career coaching for many years, I realized that there’s so much more to it.

Even though our services were meant to help others obtain employment, we actually weren’t setting our clients up for success. Well, at least not all the success they deserved and could obtain. I knew I could be serving my clients on a much deeper, intimate & fulfilling level – a level that is life changing, a level that is at the heart of the matter.

Let me share with you what I noticed behind the desk as a traditional career coach:

  • I noticed WHAT I spend the majority of my time coaching on behind closed doors (and let me tell you most of the time it didn’t start with the resume!). In order for me to get my client up to the point of actually job searching, we had a LOT of work to do before hand – work that most other coaches don’t even attempt to explore.
  •  My clients have a LOT of wounds to heal and work on before they move forward with a successful career transition/job search. Wounds and limiting beliefs that they aren’t even aware that are standing in their way.

  • Clients truly are not aware of their strengths. Now, I’m not just talking about technical strengths here. They don’t know what their superpowers are from within themselves or from what others around them see and experience.
  • If clients are aware of their strengths, they are NOT LIVING them or know how to use them to their advantage.
  •  Clients have no awareness of what their PASSIONS are. Let alone use these as a driving force to fuel their career advancement/job search.
  •  Clients are still job searching like they did 10 or even 5 years ago. Which in this market, does them NO justice and definitely does NOT set them apart from the average person looking for another role.

  • Clients constantly find themselves in a vicious circle -even if what they’re doing isn’t working, they keep doing it anyway! This is because they don’t know what else to do. They ‘re basically living Einstein’s definition of insanity & beating themselves up when they aren’t successful at landing that role they so desperately want.
  • Most clients are fighting depression, anxiety, feel lost & have no place to turn for support. Their mindset game was low or non existent. Their confidence was NON EXISTENT -that was coming across loud and clear in ALL areas of the job search process.
  • Most of all, clients are searching for something more. They want to be recognized for all they have to offer, they want to make a difference in the world AND they want to be seen as adding value and really contributing to their role and organization.

These are just to name a few.

So there you have it my friend -All those reasons above are the WHY behind why I decided to branch off on my own and finally be able to serve you in how I can CLEARLY see you need to be served.

I SEE your struggles.

I HEAR your despair.

I FEEL your pain and frustration.

I also witness your GREATNESS and know that the answers you’re seeking and THINK are outside of yourself are actually all within your grasp. The’re innate to you who you are.

 And beautiful soul -they are exactly what we will uncover when we work together.


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